I'm Craig, a designer from the UK, now living in Sweden.

As a Designer, currently Head of Product Design at Smith.ai, I lead cross-functional teams through the whole product design process from shaping to success.

Product design is a great intersection of my interests and skillset while allowing me deliver business value in a broad range of interesting areas.

I’m a generalist and adapt quickly to new domains and problem spaces. I’m comfortable working with stakeholders, product managers, and researchers to understand the bounds of a problem as well as with engineers talking about interaction details and technical constraints that might impact proposed solutions.

As I grow, I want to work in an environment where I can support those with less experience as well as be supported while I grow as a product designer, design manager, and leader.

Craig Dennis - CV.pdf

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I'm a Generalist

Other things I work on:

Figma Plugins


Empty States


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